Friday, July 13, 2012

Know How to Kickflip the Easy Way

One of the basic skateboarding tricks is the kickflip. Though it might be basic, learning the kickflip is not as easy as it sounds. You have to gain control of your board and practice as much as you can to earn consistency and to perfect the trick.

But before learning how to kickflip, it is recommended that you learn how to ollie first. This is because you need to pop your board just enough to let it spin under you while you are in the air. Here are the steps on how to kickflip:

Local Skater Eric Perez with a kickflip down

  1. Pop the board with footing similar to an ollie.
  2. Extend and flick your brushing foot to flip the board.
  3. Let the board spin by synchronizing your movements with it. If you have to, move your foot up closer to your body to let it spin under you.
  4. Catch it and roll away.

If you have landed one first time or first try, tap yourself in the back and congratulations. But the kickflip is one of the hardest skateboard tricks for beginners. So here are some tips to guide you.

  • “Half baked” flips are usually because you are not flicking hard enough. Try putting on some force on your flips, not too much, just enough to make it spin.
  • If the board is shooting outward with one foot on it, jump forward and follow the board.
  • Landing it but you always slip? Try landing it with your foot on your trucks and gain balance as you practice.
  • Practice your kickflip while rolling rather than being stationary. This will help you learn the trick faster.
  • If you always land it on one foot without the board shooting out, don’t be afraid to step on it your next try. Be confident about your footing and if there is something you are not doing right, change that and try again.

Practicing a skateboard trick takes time and patience. Just have fun and feel the moment. Remember, all good skaters know what it feels like to practice, fall down and try again. That is why they are good at it, because they try and try until they have perfected a certain trick.

By the way, if you have any suggestions or helpful tips, you can contact me or comment on this page. Sorry for the late post, been really busy with work and other stuff that needed to be done. I’ll be posting videos soon enough so watch out for it.

See ya on the next post and skate safe!



  1. **KICKFLP**

    *Get ollies on lock. obviously, thats sounds impossible "ollies on lock" how do you not have them on lock...okay.

    **Foot Position**


    ::Place your front foot Right behind the left bottom bolt, a little lower, experiment.


    ::When starting out put your foot **perched** on the tail. right at the end. this will help a lot with poping them.

    **THE FLICK**

    * Like the ollie, you flatten the board out, but you are going to flick in the same motion:"Pop, **sliding with a purpose**, that purpose is making sure you **flick in the left concave or an inch or 2 below it,above it**

    ::Your front foot will automatically be out so don't try any harder to get it away.

    *Get comfortable with the pop then flick
    **Try not to land it yet, but TRY TO GET 1 FOOT ON**
    ::Your front foot will be easiest, but try your backfoot to, interchange

    **BALANCE**(using your weight and shoulders)

    * You want to keep your shoulders straight over the board. **keep them straight**

    * Your weight shouldn't shift that much, or at all. just as in the ollie i guess.

    **Really Attempting the KICKFLIP**

    So now you've mastered the fail, catching it with one. " I want to land it" NO!. I will tell you what to do in order to land it in about 2-3 Months or faster. (took me 5months cause im an idiot...

    *Get set up it the foot position, shoulders straight, got you back foot perched.

    *Now first, you will bend down in a crouch, dont touch the board you look like a 8yr old poser. **CROUCH** thats it. it will help with bringing your legs up high into you body so it can spin underneath you.

    * Next as you are coming up pop it then flick. **just as you should have practiced.**

    *Then, just to make sure **pull you got'damm feet up**, cant stress it enough, this is another key to this trick.

    * After that, you body can't stay up there forever, so as your coming back to earth the board will **catch your backfoot** first. right on the bolts. then all that happens now is the front foot lands on.

    **PROBLEMS** really look up there wtf??? just kidding.

    **Board goes Out in front, catching only with the front foot.**

    believe it or not, this was my first problem.

    * When you flick, jump forward a little bit with the board. then you'll stay rite over it.

    **CHICKEN FOOT** ???? what the hell is that....

    Chicken foot is when one of your feet is being a huge puss. "eh scary!" -*hits the ground*-

    To Fix this i just called my feet a pussy, and i dont know what hapened next....

    * Just go balls out and put everything you got into stomping this trick.

    **PRIMO** flick more... if this doesnt work, god hates you. another joke...Okay.....

    **If Your getting varial flips.**

    I just learned shuvs before i did this trick so it hapened to me. go back to practicing the whole thing and work on your back foot poping down.

    **PUT THE TEAM ON YOUR BACK** do it for you, skateboarding has no teams.
    this really doesn't fit in to this thing but i put it anyway....

    okay so **KICKFLIPS WILL TAKE TIME, A LOOOONG time unless you go about them correctly.**


    1. Thanks for your feedback. I like the way how you put it here.. Kickflips are really hard especially for people that are just starting, took me almost 6 months to get it to spin right.

      I forgot about keeping the shoulders straight. hahaha.. Thanks for that too.

      Skate safe. :)