Monday, April 8, 2013

Davao City Needs a Skate Park!

Ever since skateboarding came into the city, local skaters have been pushing for a skate park down south. After almost 30 years (including skaters from the 80's) of promises, plans and heresy, there's still no skate park in town.

Davao is considered to be a major skate destination because of the number of skaters and skate shops that are based here but without a skate park, we feel kind of left out. The number of skate spots are dwindling; thank God we still have Magsaysay park to house all our events and obstacles.

What's worse is, people are complaining about us skating the streets, risking our boards (and lives?) to find a great spot. If you want us off the streets and your establishments, hand us a skate park and we'll stay out of everyone's way. This is also one reason why Davao skaters are sort of stagnant on their tricks. We don't have enough bowls, banks, handrails, manual pads and smooth pavement to shred unlike what the others have overseas.

We are so tired of this:

We need a skate park!

I'm not asking for any likes nor shares. I want to reach out to the guys who has the capabilities (and maybe money) to make a skate park. We're not asking much here; smooth and well-constructed pavement would do. We already have ledges and rails, all we need is a place to safely house them (because it gets stolen, every now and then).

Thank you so much for reading my blog even though I rarely update. I do appreciate every feedback that you guys have. See you next post.

Skate safe and support your local scene.

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