Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Skateboarding Fail GIFS

Because I love to skate and I love GIFs, here's my compilation of epic fails from the skateboarding scene that I have seen (look at how that rhymes) around the interwebs. Hope you like them.

It can be funny but in the real world, if you sucked at skateboarding like me or like these dudes above, it kind of sucks. Instead of laughing our ass off, we should try to help and encourage those who are struggling and having fail moments. This is what makes the skateboarding community tight through the mistakes that we make and how we overcome these mistakes.

Skate and never be afraid to fail. Though they are funny, it's part of being a skateboarder to just laugh our ass out.

Skate safe!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why Politicians should Never get Involved in Skateboarding Competitions

Skateboarding competition is all about fun, hanging out with your friends and making new ones. Now, what happens if a skate competition is organized by politicians? Just recently, Davao skaters headed to Sta. Cruz - a far point in Davao that is almost near Digos City, we went there expecting a fully organized and fun event but it turns out that there was something more behind this "skate competition". Based on what I noticed, most of the sponsors where (as you have suspected), politicians. That's right folks, they have "sponsored" a skate competition in order to get recognized because of the coming May 2013 senatorial and local elections.

For me, there's nothing wrong with them sponsoring the local skate scene but with the "emcee" repeating a long list of names of "sponsors" that don't even care about this event; it's just plain annoying. What makes it even worse is the hot weather that accompanied the summer season, it was just HOT. It would've been rewarding if we really did have a great time (aside from the free food). Here are some of the awful things that I have noticed:

  1. Most of the "organizers" hardly skate or did not step on the board their whole lives.
  2. The "sponsors" consists nothing but endless names of politicians.
  3. There was an "entrance fee" for 10.00 php, even if you are only going to watch (so much for the sponsors).
  4. The "emcee" was super annoying. She hardly knew what she was doing. I was guessing she was the organizer but I'd rather not think about that. 
  5. They kept on saying that the registration fee was going to be donated to a said church that they are trying to build up. I have nothing against religion but please don't rub it in our faces. 
  6. It was super-to-the-highest-level-badly-organized skate event. It's like they didn't even put some thought on the schedule. 
  7. Here's the worse part, I heard rumors that the organizer/emcee insisted on 200 php registration even when the poster said 150 php, now what would you say about that?
Good thing there was free food in all the mayhem that ensued. We were greatly welcomed and we appreciate that but come on, next time, please don't get us involved if you run for politics or trying to win our vote. 

I had a great time but please, please never do this again.