About the Blog

Like most blogs, togetherweskate.blogspot.com informs anyone about anything within the world of skateboarding. This sport is what draws us together and is what creates that friendship in between us. This blog serves as an avenue for those who want to learn about skateboarding. News, international events and trick tips that will help us skate.

We would want to reach out to the world and help people make friendships that you would never think happen, the only thing that most of you probably have in common is that you skate and you are passionate about it.

About the Author

My name is Raven and I skate but not as often because of ongoing work schedules and other commitments. Yes, I am a woman and I could say that I’m not really good at it (still trying though, hehe). Let’s help each other improve on our tricks and make friends through skateboarding. 

You can share your thoughts about anything that you would want me to write about. Make suggestions, comments and give me feedback. This way we can establish effective communication. So skate safe and have fun!

I also have another blog that you can totally check out and I log into on a daily basis. You can follow me on Tumblr: ravens-nest.tumblr.com

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