Wednesday, June 12, 2013

VANS ATTACK! Vans Mindanao Leg Competition and things you might want to bring during Big Events

June 1, 2013 - a proud day for Mindanao skaters to show that they can compete in a National skateboarding event. Skaters from General Santos City, Kidapawan, Panabo, Tagum and Davao gathered together at Abreeza Mall's parking lot for one of the biggest events in the skateboarding scene: Vans off the Wall Skate Championship held at the Abreeza Fresh park.

Huge prizes where at stake in winning the competition. First place will win 10,000PHP worth of Vans of the Wall merchandise plus cash, Second prize will have 5,000PHP worth of goods and 3,000 cash and the winner for best trick gets cash and freebies from Vans. Any skater who bags the first and second place will be flown to Manila for the National Vans of the Wall Championship this coming July at the World Trade Center, pretty cool huh.

It was a hot day with the hottest tricks from the best skaters around Mindanao. One of the most awaited runs were from Werner Cossid from GenSan (DC sponsored), Alex Ompoy and JR Yuan (flow) of WeLegendary Davao, Tristan Pardillo of Tagum City and Shine Skateboards (Australia). Even with the heavy competition, skaters still want to give a shot to claim the championship. More than 30 people registered for the best trick and best run (Maybe because it was free and there was a free shirt from Vans).

To keep the excitement flowing, the organizers also brought Ansey Flores (WeLegendary and one of the best Manila Skaters) and Demetrio Cuevas (Cebu's representative for the Vans Competition). Each of them showed what they are up against and what the winners will be facing this coming Vans Championship in Manila and Wow! They really are one of the best. Melon grabs, kickflip grabs and all other sorts of gnarly tricks on the quarter pipe.


1st Prize for Best Run - Tristan Pardillo
2nd Prize for Best Run - Dennis De Guzman

1st prize for Best Trick - Werner Cossid
2nd prize for Best Trick - Tristan Pardillo

If there was an award for "Audience Impact" it would probably go to "Agavic", one of the "old skul" pipz that rocked the quarter pipe ramps. Because I am such an awful blogger, I wasn't able to record which trick landed them the prize (heck, I don't even know what they won) but Tristan "Tala" did dominate the whole event.

Photos courtesy of Vans Philippines.

Overall, the event was a success and well-organized. I have to give a hand to the emcee of the event for keeping up with the Davao crowd. It was a long hot day and all the hours from 1:00PM to almost 8:00PM he kept on commentating and cheering up the crowd. Vans had prizes, stickers and shirts for everyone that joined the event and people weren't bored, even one bit.

When it comes to events like these, I need to have several things on my checklist to make it more convenient. You might want to take down notes on things to carry on your backpack when attending big skateboarding events like these:

  1. Sunblock
  2. Water, lots of it. 
  3. Shirts (3 would be good)
  4. A towel.
  5. Gatorade (optional)
  6. A camera (if you're a blogger).
  7. A hat.
  8. Shades.
  9. Party money (hey, there's always going to be an after party right?)
  10. Your board.
  11. First aid kit?
Skateboarding Day, here we come!