Outside Skateboarding

Everyone has a life outside skateboarding. As you might notice, I also write for specific websites and blogs. One passion that I have for almost 4 years now is FM Radio Broadcasting through MIXFM 105.9. I go on boards during the weekends. On Saturdays I go on the air at 12 down 3 and 3 down 6 on Sundays. I am quite new to SEO and Blogging and if you want, I can share my adventures with you.

People say that I should be proud of what I write around the Internet because its stays there forever for as long as the Internet exists. Here are some of the works that have been published. I know it is not much but it is still worth the share.

Some Helpful Tips on How to Learn Indonesian

Recently published article I made for PrivateIndonesianteacher.com. Learn Indonesian fast using the resources that you have through the Internet. 

Google Penguin: New Search Engine Algorithm

This Press Release tackles about the new algorithm that is set out to give quality search results for Google. Basically, Penguin reviews sites that are enjoying high ranks in SERP’s and are checking if these sites have spammy content or links.

Eat, Drink Perth is Back Showcasing Perth’s Finest in Food and Festivities

Way back February, I made this press release for an adult website. Good thing I was able to route it to a more fun and wholesome topic. Eat Drink Perth is an annual event for the whole month of March. It caters to the city’s finest in food and beverages that is served (sometimes for free!).

Perth’s Nightlife:Giving Opportunities for Businessmen around the City

The same as the previous one, this press release is supposed to be routed for an adult site but then again I was still able to divert it to a whole new topic. Perth’s nightlife is the finest within all the western cities in Australia. With this, Perth’s nightlife business skyrocketed.

Apparently there were some posts that I forgot to add as well. I guess I lost track of some. Here are some press releases that was published as well:

A Boost in International Demand for Perth's Wine Industry.

Australia has one of the most finest wineries all over the world. They supply demanding countries such as the United States and some countries in Europe with high class wines. But releases said that Asia also has a growing market for this type of industry, especially in China and in Japan. 

Australia's BPO Growth Revved up by Document Management

Outsourcing is a prominent business ever since experts honed the Internet for personal use. Countries such as India and the Philippines are major outsourcing destinations and are very dominant within this industry. Australia on the other hand does not compete with IT or customer service outsourcing, instead they go over to document management.

It feels good to know that you have made something that is approved by people that are experts in their field. I will be constantly updating this page for any updates such as new approved releases, published works and the like.

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