Friday, April 5, 2013

Davao Skateboarding Featuring Malaya Adalim

There aren't many female skateboarders around the Philippines but Malaya Adalim - a Davao born and raised skater, is slowly but surely showing the world that girls can skate too! Currently sponsored by Reef Side artworks, Malaya hopes to rise up to the top and be the best female street skater in the Philippines.

Personally, me and "Mayang" have been friends ever since I started skating here in Davao. She is nice, fun-loving and she always pushes herself to the limit. She is Davao Skateboarding's pride and one of the best females skaters that graced the scene. The best of Malaya Adalim right here on TWS.


  1. wow galing! bag.o ra ko nagtuon ug skate.. unta mahawd ko pareho ninyo. idol!

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  2. Which is the best skateboard for women? Does atlantic skateboard company have separate skateboards for women?