Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Easy Steps on How to Ollie

Knowing how to ollie on a is one of the most basic tricks in skateboarding and by basic it meaning essential and important. Many tricks would require you to know how to ollie before proceeding to more complex ones such as kickflips, heelflips, etc.

Beginners like myself need to practice and eventually master this trick without flaws. Ollie is easy to practice but difficult to master. With the two years I spent skateboarding, I am able to ollie but haven’t mastered it to my advantage, heck I am still not able to make it 2 stairs down!

Even then, I am still willing to skate and accomplish such a feat and to help others like me, I made this post for people that are hoping to do the ollie for their first trick (well, it is encouraged that you start with it.).

Local Skater Eric Perez with an Ollie

Listed below are the steps on how to ollie on a skateboard:

  1. Stand on your skateboard depending on your stance.
  2. Place your popping foot just right within the tail and the brushing foot near the middle of the board.
  3. Pop the board and brush your foot to assist the pop. Synchronize this movement until you grow accustomed to it.
  4. Apply it on flat ground with the wheels rolling and ollie your way through little obstacles like lines, cracks and leaves. Then if you are more comfortable, make obstacles a bit challenging like gaps, rocks and small gutters.
  5. Keep on practicing until you have the balls to go down a couple of stairs and gaps.

These instructions are not the “actual” rule when it comes to knowing how to ollie. You have the prerogative to switch to other positions depending on what makes you comfortable. As long as the skate jumps along with you, it’s an ollie.

It is all about getting used to riding a skateboard. As a beginner, you are not expected to go down huge stairs or gaps, just have fun with what you are doing and persevere. Eventually, you will get to do all those things that you are dreaming about in skateboarding.

Have fun and skate safe!

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