Thursday, June 21, 2012

Streetleague Skateboarding: What it means for its Audiences

When we talk about Skateboarding, we always think about pros and their sick tricks. No doubt about it, sick tricks are indeed featured in this annual skateboarding event: Streetleague Skateboarding. Rob Dyrdrek and DC came up with the great idea to bring together the best of the best skaters all over the United States for supremacy.

There are three events of the season, this time the event is held in Kansas and recently in Ontario, California. Each skater has to outscore each other with their tricks and hope to impress the judges with it. They have to have the balls, creativity and technical skills to overcome sections around the course.

DC Streetleague Skateboarding

Watching streetleague online

For us in the Philippines and the rest of Asia, we have to wake up early in order to do so. Some of us really stay awake during the night time just to witness and support their favorite pros battle it out. Good thing is that we do not have to painstakingly look for online streaming because it is generously provided by

Like all events, skaters within the city bet on their favorites just to spice up their viewing experience and make it more exciting. They bet on any kinds of things from small skateboard parts to petty cash, even food!

Many skaters watch it together with food and drinks provided by the hosts. They cheer to their favorite skaters as if they could hear them shout in front of the computer. It seems that the audiences themselves are more nervous than the pros that are playing!

The good thing about it is that, like the annual go skate day, it brings together people that share a common hobby: Skateboarding.

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